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Road Design for Client From USA

Project Overview:
As a Tech Engineers our Road Design was commissioned to design a comprehensive highway system spanning 162 kilometers, connecting various states and incorporating multiple sub-roads. This ambitious project also includes the integration of parks, playlands, and other recreational areas within the region.

Design Excellence:
Our professional team at Tech Engineers approached this project with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless connection between states while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The design process involved advanced engineering techniques and cutting-edge technology to meet the high standards expected by our client.

Project Deliverables:

  • Highway Design: A fully integrated highway system designed to accommodate high traffic volumes and ensure smooth connectivity between different states.
  • Sub-Roads: Strategically planned sub-roads to facilitate local traffic and access to various facilities.
  • Recreational Areas: Thoughtfully incorporated parks and playlands to enhance the community experience and promote recreational activities.
  • Presentation: A comprehensive presentation was prepared to outline all design criteria and project details, ensuring clear communication and alignment with the client’s vision.

Below are the pictures and drawing screenshots that illustrate the scope and quality of our design work for this project


Bridge View after Rendering

Image View of Road

Road View after Rendering 3

Road Design. IM1

Road View after Rendering

Road View.

Plan and Profile Sample of Road Design1

Road Plan and Profile

Another Road Design for my Client

Overall Design Layout
Road Sheet Layout

Road Sheet Layout

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